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Avoid cross-contamination with ElephantSkin gloves

Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of bacteria and viruses from a contaminated site (e.g. smartphone) to a non-contaminated site (e.g. face). The term is particularly important in the healthcare, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries because contamination must be avoided. For many consumers, the term was initially new, but it is now clear that hand hygiene will continue to play an important role in everyday life long after the Covid 19 pandemic.

Cross contamination

Through objects

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Cross contamination

Due to (disposable) plastic gloves

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Therefore, medical professionals advise against the use of plastic gloves if they cannot be changed.

Here is a video that explains cross-contamination from a hygienic point of view:

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What can help?

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A solution: ElephantSkin gloves

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The special thing about ElephantSkin gloves:

The special feature of ElephantSkin gloves: they can be washed at least 30 times on the gentle wash cycle at 40 degrees and are reusable without losing their effectiveness. This saves up to 180 pairs of disposable gloves - equivalent to a plastic reduction of 2.6 kg!

Hotelangestellter fasst Türklinke mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen an

You have the choice!

ElephantSkin Classic gloves combine function with timeless elegance and sustainability, making them the ideal everyday companions. 

ElephantSkin fitness gloves are designed for (hobby) athletes who do not want to compromise on hygiene during their workout.

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Use of ElephantSkin gloves

Plastic gloves not only give a false sense of security. They are also a problem for nature. Read more in our mission.