ElephantSkin Fitness Trainingshandschuhe Close Up
Sportler klettert mit ElephantSkin Fitness Trainingshandschuhe
Sportlerin benutzt ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhe und Dumbbell
Sportlerin verwendet Smartphone mit ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Älterer Sporter trainiert in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Nahaufnahme von ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Sportler greift in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen nach Dumbbell
Sportler hält sich mit ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen an einer Stange fest
Sportler und Sportlerin geben sich die Hände in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Sportler trainiert mit Hantel in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
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ElephantSkin Fitness


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Antibacterial and antiviral
Reusable and washable
100% recycled polyester & spandex

ElephantSkin fitness glove is treated with antiviral and antibacterial technology. Sturdy, non-slip, made of 100% recycled polyester, for indoor & outdoor.

  • Robust fitness glove made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Non-slip hand surfaces, coated with silicone
  • All-round function, developed for use on all sports equipment & in all sports, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Washable and reusable
  • Biocidal active substance: silver chloride
  • Breathable & skin friendly
  • Touchscreen compatible

Raphael Reifeltshammer

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Sensationell auch zum Biken

Die Fitness Handschuhe sind suuuper. Bei 5*C und 35 km/h bleiben die Finger warm, die Touchscreen Bedienung ist wirklich gut und der Grip am Lenker ist sensationell.
Danke liebes Elephant Skin Team!

Keine Blasen & Hornhaut mehr an den Händen

Durch den mega Grip habe ich meine Probleme der Blasenbildung & Hornhaut in den „Griff“ bekommen - zeitgemäßes & nachhaltiges Produkt 🏋️‍♀️


Sehr praktischer Handschuh mit super Passform, der zusätzlich perfekten Halt verleiht. Kein leidiges reinigen mehr nach dem Training.

Ein wahrer Game Changer

Dank den ElephantSkin Handschuhen macht das Training im Fitness Center richtig Spaß!
Kein lästiges Geräte putzen und generell mehr Spaß beim Training.

Sportler trainiert mit ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuh

ElephantSkin Fitness

Sportlerin desinfiziert Dumbb
Sportlerin fasst Dumbbell mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen an

Antiviral and antibacterial technology

The ElephantSkin Fitness Glove is enhanced with an antiviral and antibacterial technology that forms an ultra-thin barrier layer on the surface, preventing viruses and bacteria, inside and outside the glove and efficiently fights cross-contamination in the gym. The glove not only reduces direct contact with foreign bacteria, viruses and sweat. Germs that are on the glove surface are broken down, greatly limiting the spread of viruses and bacteria. This means that the glove can be worn during the entire training session. Due to the degradation of germs, it is not necessary to change gloves.

Developed for high demands

Touchscreen compatible

The breathable fabric reduces sweating under the glove and for those who still want to use their phone while exercising - ElephantSkin gloves are touchscreen compatible!

ElephantSkin gloves are reusable. They maintain their high efficiency over at least 30 washes. So you save a pile of cleaning wipes and detergent in the gym.

Where do I use the ElephantSkin Fitness Glove?

Due to its robust material and the all-round function, the ElephantSkin fitness glove has proven itself especially in the application area "training".


Robust fitness glove made from 100% recycled polyester

Non-slip hand palms, coated with silicone

All-round function, designed for use on all sports equipment & in all sports, indoor & outdoor.

Touchscreen compatible


Efficient reduction of enveloped viruses and bacteria on the glove surface, tested according to:
- ISO 18184 (antiviral)
- ISO 20743 (antibacterial)

Washable and reusable
Biocidal active ingredient: silver chloride
Breathable & skin-friendly