Gloves during training

Gyms have grown rapidly in recent years and have become a place where many people come together every day. Accordingly, it is particularly important here to pay attention to hygiene standards in order to contain the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Why hygiene is important in the gym

ElephantSkin Fitness glove
Sportlerin desinfiziert Dumbb

Did the person in front of me clean properly?

Many athletes therefore have a great need for hygiene during training. However, because it is not visible whether the person in front of them has cleaned the fitness equipment properly, many people do not feel comfortable using the equipment. They have no choice but to spend their own time cleaning the equipment before and after use.

Sportler reinigt Trainingsgerät

Cleaning equipment within reach?

Spotted: Mountains of paper trash & clouds of cleaning supplies

Sportlerin entnimmt Desinfektionstücher
Elephant Skin gloves

Considering these less than optimal solutions, ElephantSkin has developed a fitness glove. The motto: "Train more, clean less!"

Sportler greift mit einem Disinfektionstuch nach der Hantel danaben befindet sich ein Haufen an verbrauchten Desinfektionstücher am Boden
Sportler greift in Elephantskin Trainingshandschuhen nach einer Hantel

Where can fitness gloves be used?

In the gym, there are several touchpoints where visitors must be considerate of hygiene. All of these touchpoints must be reliably sanitized before and after use to limit infections. Or you can make it easy and use antibacterial and antiviral treated fitness gloves from ElephantSkin.

Sportler trainiert mit Elephantskin Trainingshandschuhen

Fitness devices


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Rezeptionistin erklärt Besuchern den Fitness Handschuh

Gym employees

The fitness glove from ElephantSkin - the ideal companion during workouts

Our fitness glove is made from 100% recycled polyester and is designed for comfort and a firm grip during exercise. The material allows your hands to breathe underneath and at the same time makes it touchscreen compatible (in case you need to quickly change a song or send a message).

Mann hält Elephantskin Handschuhe in die Kamera

Optimal grip

Through the use of silicone, the glove provides a non-slip palm and the optimal grip. The ElephantSkin fitness glove can be used on all sports devices and in all types of sports - indoor as well as outdoor!

Train more, clean less!

For athletes who simply don't have time to wash their hands or are tired of spending half of their training time cleaning, the glove allows them to train with peace in mind.

ElephantSkin Fitness Trainingshandschuhe Close Up
Sportler klettert mit ElephantSkin Fitness Trainingshandschuhe
Sportlerin benutzt ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhe und Dumbbell
Sportlerin verwendet Smartphone mit ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Älterer Sporter trainiert in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Nahaufnahme von ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Sportler greift in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen nach Dumbbell
Sportler hält sich mit ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen an einer Stange fest
Sportler und Sportlerin geben sich die Hände in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
Sportler trainiert mit Hantel in ElephantSkin Fitness Handschuhen
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Gloves during training

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Antibacterial and antiviral
Reusable and washable
100% recycled polyester & spandex

ElephantSkin fitness glove is treated with antiviral and antibacterial technology. Sturdy, non-slip, made of 100% recycled polyester, for indoor & outdoor.

  • Robust fitness glove made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Non-slip hand surfaces, coated with silicone
  • All-round function, developed for use on all sports equipment & in all sports, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Washable and reusable
  • Biocidal active substance: silver chloride
  • Breathable & skin friendly
  • Touchscreen compatible

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