Hotelangestellte hält Desinfektionsmittel in der Hand mit HandschuhenHotelangestellte hält Desinfektionsmittel in der Hand mit Handschuhen

Against skin irritations and neurodermatitis

In the everyday life of consumers, as well as in the operational hygiene of many companies with direct physical customer contact, the strongly increasing use of plastic gloves has become visible. As a result, skin diseases are becoming more frequent, due to the prolonged use of plastic gloves and the excessive use of strong detergents, soaps and disinfectants.

Skin irritation from plastic gloves - the reality of an industry

Hautirritationen durch Plastikhandschuhe

The reaction of the skin to plastic gloves

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Gelbe Latex-Handschuhe

ElephantSkin gloves for neurodermatitis patients

For people suffering from atopic dermatitis on the hands, plastic gloves are not an option. The constant wearing of plastic gloves, the allergic reactions and the accumulated moisture aggravate the eczema on the hands by irritating the wounded skin and causing severe itching. This prevents the healing process of the skin and new inflammations occur. Thus, sufferers feel trapped in an endless circle of itching and scratching.

Neurodermatitis patients are therefore recommended to use cotton gloves. Cotton gloves are gentle on the skin and also breathable, which prevents sweat from collecting under the glove.

ElephantSkin Classic gloves are made of organic cotton and are characterized by high wearing comfort. In addition, the gloves are breathable and allow moisture to escape under the glove.
Many neurodermatitis patients have already tested the Classic model and received good results: ElephantSkin gloves did not irritate their skin and thus relieved their discomfort. As a result, they were finally able to break the cycle of irritation-itching-scratching.

Kellnerin mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen bringt Kuchen

What can we do differently?

ElephantSkin gloves

A solution against skin irritations

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The special thing about ElephantSkin gloves:

The special feature of ElephantSkin gloves: they can be washed at least 30 times on the gentle cycle at 40 degrees and reused without losing their effect. The fabric remains gentle to the skin after washing.

For employers, the use of ElephantSkin gloves is an opportunity to create a healthy working environment for their employees (and their hands).

Hotelangestellter fasst Türklinke mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen an

You have the choice!

ElephantSkin Classic gloves combine function with timeless elegance and sustainability, making them the ideal companions for service staff. No desire for chapped skin due to cleaning agents during sports? Find out more about the ElephantSkin Fitness Glove here.
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Use of ElephantSkin gloves

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