ElephantSkin Handschuhe zum ReisenElephantSkin Handschuhe zum Reisen

Where many people gather, germs also gather

Places like train stations and airports are an ideal place for bacteria, viruses and fungi to spread: ticket machines or self-service checkpoints with touch screens, buttons on lifts or dispensers, door knobs at restrooms, and endless handrails on escalators that almost every traveler touches.

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Where to use ElephantSkin gloves during travel?

Check-In & Boarding

ElephantSkin gloves
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Touch screens at ticket and cash machines

Airplanes and trains

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Public transport

ElephantSkin gloves

ElephantSkin - the sustainable companion for people who like to travel a lot

To travel: ElephantSkin Classic Gloves!

ElephantSkin gloves are enhanced that form an ultra-thin barrier layer on the surface, preventing viruses and bacteria, inside and outside the glove. Free from harmful heavy metals. As a result, the gloves do not need to be changed after each touchpoint and still prevent the spread of pathogens.

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Maximum wearing comfort

The material is made of organic cotton and provides great comfort. In addition, the hands can breathe underneath, which is why they can be worn for hours without discomfort.

ElephantSkin gloves

Also for employees

Discover ElephantSkin Classic

Are you a traveler or employer at an airport/train station?

Then you can find our ElephantSkin gloves in four different sizes here!
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
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ElephantSkin Classic


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Antibacterial and antiviral
Reusable and washable
High wearing comfort

The ElephantSkin Classic glove is treated with an antiviral as well as antibacterial technology technology that provides a physical barrier towards harmful viruses and bacteria – both inside and outside the glove. The material mix of organic cotton and elastane offers a perfect fit and the highest wearing comfort.

  • Made from 96 % organic cotton, 4 % spandex
  • Washable & Reusable
  • One pair of ElephantSkin gloves saves around 180 pairs of disposable gloves. This corresponds to a plastic reduction of 2.6 kg.
  • Biocidal active substance: silver chloride
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Breathable & skin friendly

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How about our ElephantSkin fitness glove?