Dame bei einem Event mit ElephantSkin HandschuhenDame bei einem Event mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen

Event gloves

Balls, theaters, opera, gala events, awards ceremonies, competitions - events are a wonderful way for us to get together and leave the daily grind behind.

The topic of "hygiene concept" has gained central importance in event management due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the years following the pandemic, hygiene concepts will remain necessary because our collective awareness of well-being at public events has changed.

In order to make events safe for visitors in the future, hygiene concepts should be supplemented with the topic of gloves.

Where can ElephantSkin gloves be used at events?


Mitarbeiterin beim Einlass mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen


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Catering Mitarbeiter trägt ElephantSkin Handschuhe

Use of ElephantSkin gloves - best practice example: Salzburg Festival.

In 2021 ElephantSkin had the opportunity to equip the Salzburg Festival with ElephantSkin Classic gloves as part of a cooperation. The world-famous Salzburg Festival wanted to offer their many thousands of (international) visitors not only the best concerts, but also guarantee a safe event despite the pandemic.

Eventbesucher mit Programmheft und ElephantSkin Handschuhen
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Making events more sustainable and hygienic - ElephantSkin makes it possible

Green events have gained a lot of attention in recent years and (almost) all event managers want to implement more and more sustainable concepts.

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Mann trägt Uhr mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen

For events: ElephantSkin Classic gloves

ElephantSkin Classic gloves are a sustainable alternative to plastic gloves. Not only do they prevent mountains of plastic waste, but they also help save event organizers tons of money.

Frau mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen hält Event-Programm in die Luft
Mann mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen vor einem Event

For your event

Would you like to stand out at your event with a hygiene concept? Then order the ElephantSkin Classic now, in your personal design.

ElephantSkin Classic gloves
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
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Antibacterial and antiviral
Reusable and washable
High wearing comfort

The ElephantSkin Classic glove is treated with an antiviral as well as antibacterial technology technology that provides a physical barrier towards harmful viruses and bacteria – both inside and outside the glove. The material mix of organic cotton and elastane offers a perfect fit and the highest wearing comfort.

  • Made from 96 % organic cotton, 4 % spandex
  • Washable & Reusable
  • One pair of ElephantSkin gloves saves around 180 pairs of disposable gloves. This corresponds to a plastic reduction of 2.6 kg.
  • Biocidal active substance: silver chloride
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Breathable & skin friendly

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