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Gloves for gastronomy

Regular hand washing and changing plastic gloves is the be-all and end-all for many waiters and waitresses in restaurants, cafés, bars and inns. Anyone who has ever waited tables knows very well that this is not always possible. Several orders in a row, bringing food and drinks to the table and talking briefly with guests in between - on busy days, service staff have their hands full.

ElephantSkin gloves are designed to help service workers in their day-to-day work.

Where can gloves be used in restaurants?

Restaurants offer a range of venues where elegant fabric gloves can be used:

Service gloves

ElephantSkin Gloves Classic
Catering Mitarbeiter trägt ElephantSkin Handschuhe

Gloves while setting the table

Gloves at the bar

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ElephantSkin Handschuhe können auch gebrandet werden

Branding - Opportunity

ElephantSkin gloves can be custom branded as desired, communicating your own brand. Whether it is an established brand or a new brand. Beverage brands can approach restaurants to launch a new beverage, for example. Alternatively, restaurant owners can ask their suppliers whether they would be interested in sponsoring a new beverage.

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Kellner schenkt Champagner mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen ein

Gloves for sommeliers

Buffet operation, salad bar & counter service

Barista trägt ElephantSkin Handschuhe

Delivery service

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The opportunity for employers

Hotelangestellter fasst Türklinke mit ElephantSkin Handschuhen an

ElephantSkin gloves - antibacterial, antiviral treated & sustainable.

ElephantSkin gloves are made from sustainable and recycled materials to minimize their carbon footprint. This makes them a sustainable, as well as comfortable and stylish solution for your employees* hands. The fabric is soft on the skin and also allows them to breathe underneath.

The ElephantSkin gloves


Interested in creating an innovative work experience for workers? Try ElephantSkin gloves for your company.

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ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
ElephantSkin Classic
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Antibacterial and antiviral
Reusable and washable
High wearing comfort

The ElephantSkin Classic glove is treated with an antiviral as well as antibacterial technology technology that provides a physical barrier towards harmful viruses and bacteria – both inside and outside the glove. The material mix of organic cotton and elastane offers a perfect fit and the highest wearing comfort.

  • Made from 96 % organic cotton, 4 % spandex
  • Washable & Reusable
  • One pair of ElephantSkin gloves saves around 180 pairs of disposable gloves. This corresponds to a plastic reduction of 2.6 kg.
  • Biocidal active substance: silver chloride
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Breathable & skin friendly

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