Dame mit Einkaufswagen in ElephantSkin Handschuhen

Application areas

ElephantSkin gloves

We recommend its use in the following areas of application:


Restaurants offer a range of locations where elegant fabric gloves can be used

Gloves in the Gastronomy

Hotel industry

ElephantSkin gloves are the perfect replacement for disposable plastic gloves in the hotel industry

Gloves for the hotel industry


The Fitness Glove by ElephantSkin - the ideal companion for training and in the fitness studio

Training gloves


ElephantSkin gloves are the perfect addition to your event hygiene concept

Gloves for events


ElephantSkin gloves for people who want to take care of their hygiene when shopping

Gloves for shopping


ElephantSkin gloves against the transmission and absorption of viruses and bacteria when travelling

Gloves for travelling

Against skin irritations

ElephantSkin gloves work efficiently against and skin irritations thanks to antibacterial technology

Gloves against skin irritations

Against cross contamination

The ElephantSkin glove is thus effective against cross-contamination in all everyday situations

Gloves against cross-contamination