Coronavirus: 12 tips on how to protect yourself from infection!

Coronavirus: 12 Tipps wie sie sich vor einer Ansteckung schützen können!

Similar to the flu virus and cold viruses, Covid-19 is transmitted via droplet infection - that is, for example, via saliva droplets that are ejected when coughing, sneezing, singing or speaking. You can also become infected via tiny liquid droplets, the so-called aerosol. It can be present in the air in a room for a long time, especially in small, unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms.

With the following measures, you can significantly minimise the risk of infection:

    Limit contact: Every time you meet others, you run the risk of becoming infected or spreading the virus.
  1. Keep your distance: If possible, do not come closer than two metres to other people - even when shopping and on public transport.
  2. Wear mouth-nose protection: Masks are generally compulsory on trains, in public transport, when shopping, at events outside the seat and at schools outside the classrooms. Wearing a mask indoors is always advisable if the distance rules to other people cannot be observed.
  3. Do not address others directly: Even though it may seem impolite, turn your head slightly away from the person you are talking to.
  4. Follow sneezing and coughing etiquette: Keep hands away from mouth and nose. Sneeze and cough only into the crook of the elbow or into disposable handkerchiefs. Wash hands afterwards.
  5. Do not shake hands: Unless you are wearing ElephantSkin gloves, refrain from shaking hands. A friendly greeting is sufficient.

  6. Wash hands regularly: It is best to wash your hands after coming home, before contact with food, before eating and after going to the toilet. Thorough cleaning takes about 30 seconds.
  7. Do not put your hands on your face: Do not touch mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands. 
  8. Do not eat with your fingers: Do not put food in your mouth with your fingers while travelling - no sweets, no piece of cake, no fried sausage. It is better to use cutlery or a napkin.
  9. Do not touch shopping trolleys, door handles and railings: Avoid contact with objects that many other people have touched or wear ElephantSkin gloves and can thus touch surfaces without feeling queasy!

  10. Refrain from non-essential travel: Only travel when absolutely necessary, especially because of the close contact with other travellers - for example, on the plane.
  11. Clean your smartphone: Bacteria and viruses collect especially on the display. Caution: Liquids containing alcohol can attack the surface. This also applies to many hygiene wipes. Only use products without alcohol and do not wipe too wet. Dry cleaning is also better than none at all.

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