7 Facts about bacteria on the hands

7 Fakten über Bakterien an den Händen

(Source: https://pubertaet.lehrer-online.de/online-uebungen/online-quiz-und-interaktive-uebungen/finger-weg-hygiene-tipps-zum-schutz-vor-infektionen/)



  1. Wet hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.
  2. Bacteria can survive on hands for up to 3 hours
  3. 2,097,152 bacteria can be produced by just 1 bacterium in 7 hours on your hand!

    (Source: https://www.ernaehrungs-umschau.de/news/30-04-2020-wichtige-regeln-fuer-wirksames-haendewaschen/)
  1. Research shows that regular hand washing or disinfecting can help reduce illness by 50%.
  2. Transmission of disease through the hands is a major problem in children who touch their nose and mouth after coming into contact with an infected surface.
  3. Poor hand hygiene leads to disease transmission or cross-contamination. As a result, cross-contamination can most likely lead to absenteeism and affect productivity.
  4. When you enter a washroom, the main hotspots where hands come into contact with bacteria are the toilet seat, the cubicle door handle, the flush button and the exit door handle.