What does the ‘Elephant’ in ElephantSkin stand for?

What does the ‘Elephant’ in ElephantSkin stand for?

There's something about these gray, up to seven meters long, three meters tall and 6000 kg heavy animals that is more than inspiring. Elephants, the largest and probably most gentle land animals are inspiring in more than just one way. Be it the (truest sense of the word) steadfastness in life and nature, or the attentiveness, cautiousness as well as loyalty towards others. An animal which, in the first thought, could not be more different and unidentifiable from oneself, can become a role model with only a few thoughts.

This blog will elaborate on how the sensitivity, perceptiveness as well as compassion of an elephant inspired the brand ElephantSkin to take these values of such a powerful animal as inspiration for a new kind of gloves.

Incipiently, with the largest brain of any land animal and three times as many Neurons as humans, no one doubts the intelligence of an elephant. The use of so many Neurons is clear: the control of a (on average) 5000 kg body which is more sensitive than one might think. The rough as well as robust skin of an elephant is about 3 to 5cm thick and provides protection. However, this protection does not provide insensitivity. On this 5cm thick skin are few, yet, very strong hairs which you can imagine like the whiskers of dogs and cats. Through these hairs elephants actually feel every ant on their leg or mosquito on their back. Elephants feel everything - like ElephantSkin gloves. Admiring this sensitivity, ElephantSkin made sure that even the smallest bacterial or viral cell that lands on the glove is detected, attacked and eliminated.

In the animal world, it's all about staying hidden to protect yourself. For obvious reasons, this is not particularly easy for an elephant. But there is one protective mechanism that makes the elephant special: silent walking. The flat soles of the feet, consisting of foot bones surrounded by extremely large fat deposits and elastic connective tissue pads, allow elephants to ‘’sneak’’ quietly and thus, despite their size, not make themselves noticeable. ‘’Unobtrusive’’ and ‘’sleek’’ describes the ElephantSkin glove pretty accurately. The choice of three colors and four sizes in combination with the lightweight organic cotton forges the glove to your hand like a second skin and is neither noticeable in their sensation nor flashy. 

Group of Elephants strolling

Furthermore, there is no such thing as hierarchy in the world of elephants. On the contrary, they prefer the proximity of others and are in need of constant confirmation of acceptance from other elephants. Whether male or female, old or young, a herd of ten or 100 elephants - each respects the other and represents this strong family cohesion within the herd. If an elephant withholds such affection from others or does not adapt to this respectful ‘’lifestyle’’, he will be reprimanded or punished by other elephants. Let's get this straight immediately: of course ElephantSkin does not punish anyone who does not wear gloves! Conversely, the idea behind the company ElephantSkin consists of this mentioned respect, mind-, as well as mutual helpfulness. An everyday assistance for oneself but also for other people. By wearing the ElephantSkin glove you will not only automatically become part of the ElephantSkin herd, but you will also protect yourself from bacteria and viruses spread by others, and protect others from bacteria and viruses spread by you.

Ultimately, there are a plethora of other reasons why elephants are a source of inspiration! Nevertheless, the combination of an elephant's sensibility, perceptual ability and empathy are the most important foundations on which ElephantSkin is based as well as operates on a daily basis.