EleFUN facts for the end of the year

EleFUN facts for the end of the year

As this year is coming slowly to an end, it is normal to reflect upon an exceptional year we all have been through. 2020 and 2021 have been challenging enough, so we at ElephantSkin wanted to make our farewell for 2021 by a light-hearted blog. Here are some random, eleFUN facts, so you can get to know our brand even a little more.  

1) How much plastic did we save in 2021?
For the end of the year we looked at our yearly sales and took a calculator in our hands. What we found out will blow your socks off. Are you ready?

2021 ELEPHANTSKIN CUSTOMERS SAVED 2600t OF PLASTIC! This is a huge deal – to help you imagine: one grown up elephant weighs 6 tons. If we divide the 2600t through the weight of one elephant, we get a total of 433 elephants! This means with the plastic we saved, 433 elephants could be filled from bottom to the top - that is more than the number of elephants currently living in the Ivory coast (225). 
We did not imagine such a large number and honestly, we are astounded at how much we could achieve in only one year. This makes us even more motivated for the years to come!

Incidentally, shout out to you – our beloved customers – who made this journey possible by believing in our product. Thanks for your support, creating this great ElephantSkin community and saving 2600t of plastic with us. 


2) Did you know that the inspiration for ElephantSkin gloves came from an article?
In the first weeks of the first lockdown in Austria, Raphael Reifeltshammer, co-founder of ElephantSkin, stumbled upon an interesting article in the local newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten” with the title "Better off without rubber". This article focused on the reappearance of a forgotten clothing item – the gloves. In former times used as a fashion item made of wool or leather, gloves returned to the centre of attention in 2020 as a tool for survival, made out of plastic. 

This is when Raphael came up with the thought while reading: "What if we find a solution to replace plastic gloves with a sustainable alternative and make them antiviral?". And so, ElephantSkin was born. 


3) Would you wear ElephantSkin gloves as a fashion item? Christian Dior would!
Another interesting topic in the mentioned newspaper article was the love of Christian Dior for gloves. In his book “The little dictionary of fashion” he devoted a whole chapter to gloves: “When going into the city, gloves are as essential for your outfit as a hat. Gloves are the perfect accessory as they can be subtle and colourful. Personally, I prefer gloves in neutral colours as black, white, beige and brown with a perfect fit.”

We could not agree more with Christian Dior – for us, gloves are not only a tool for working, but also a trendy fashion item, which should return from its grave. Therefore, we assume, if Christian Dior knew ElephantSkin gloves, he would have loved them. Especially our neutral colours and the perfect fit… ;)  


Coming to an end, we hope we could entertain you with a more eleFUN blog. From the whole team of ElephantSkin we wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2022. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy this special time of the year by reloading your batteries.

We will see you again in 2022 – with some great news, big announcements and fact-filled blogs.


Until then stay tuned!


1) According to our calculations one pair of ElephantSkin gloves saves 2,6kg of plastic and by selling 1 million pairs this year, we saved 2.6 million kg

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1) Picture inside ElephantSkin logo: Mohamed Abdulraheem / Shutterstock
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3) Copyright: Verena Schierl